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As I was planning our next design I kept hearing "Embrace the season you are in." Ever since this design was made I kept wishing to be in summer or spring. I also did not like

the discomfort of what God was teaching me in winter. I came across this poem and it seemed to hit the nail on the head.

"Think not that life has been unfair

and given you too much to bear.

For God has chosen you because

With all your weaknesses and flaws,

He feels that you are worthy of

The greatness of His wondrous love.

Welcome every stumbling block

and every thorn and jagged rock.

For each one is a steppingstone

To a fuller life than we’ve ever known

and in the radiance of God’s smiles

We learn to soar about life’s trials

And as we grow in strength and grace

The clearer we can see God’s face." -Helen Steiner Rice

These are made with mahogany and vintage embroidered material enjoy the touch of new and old in these heartfelt beauties.

Promise: Isaiah 41:10, Ecclesiastes 3:11, James 1:3

Forget me Not

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